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The dual disc CD/DVD of "The Arrow" available now.

Quodia Stories video blog on blip.tv

Special guests on the discs include:

Azam Ali

Regina Spektor

Bear Spektor

Pat Mastelotto (King Crmson, XTC)

Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos, Bill Frissell)

Dave Revelli

Michele Kinney

Gino Yevjdevich (Kultur Shock)

On "The Arrow" CD/DVD:

Kate Bush meets Carla Bley out in the poppy fields with David Lynch capturing it all on a hand held camera. That’s pretty much what this King Crimson very off shoot project will leave you feeling. A multi media presentation that can be brought home in ways never before available, Trey Gunn rounds up an unlikely crew including Azam Ali, Regina Spektor, Matt Chamberlain and others for a psychedelic experience that will make you think the 60’s came back on a wave of Monterrey nostalgia. Uber creative in a good sense, this work is not for the average Britney fan. A head trip like we haven’t seen/heard in years, get your buzz on, slip on the earbuds and lose yourself in this spiritual great grandchild of the works of Lewis Carroll. A truly wild experience for those with heavily left leaning tastes.

?-- www.MidwestRecords.com

A synthesis of music, theatre, video art, and animation -- a psychedelic, electronic, contemporary parable.

-- BBC Moscow - Central Artists House - Moscow, Russia

Quodia is an advanced step in the tradition that unites Literature and Music. Channeling both Brian Eno and Jack Kerouac, they unfold an elegant spectacle, telling histories with surprise, mystery, fear, and salvation. Quodia is a loaded weapon of the future.

-- Toma Review -Teatro Oriente -Santiago, Chile

On the screen, words arose then vanished, sometimes developed in phrases. Pictures replaced one another: A waving seaweed.a rusty ancient anchor circuit.ominously black lightnings in the bright-red sky. a girl with a violin.such video releases consciousness into free flight.

-- Samara Today - Opera Theater St. Petersburg, Russia

An authentic engagement between the word and the sound; musician and poet were one single voice. A great night and a powerful spectacle.

-- La Nacion -Teatro ND Ateneo -Buenos Aires, Argentina

The music acts as a narcotic. It penetrates you, speaking the language of orginal symbols and energies.The performance subordinates to itself your thoughts and feelings, conducted by the paths of the subconsciousness. Inside the mystical cloth of the compositions intertwine the sounds of nature, the timbres of intricate rare Arabic and African tools, and strange electronics.

-- Rossiya News -Central Artists House Moscow, Russia

www.quodia.com for videos and more info.
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