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Robert Wyatt has signed a new record deal with independent label Domino Recordings, and has started recording the follow up to his 2003 Mercury Music Prize nominated album, "Cuckooland,"

due for release 8 October 2007

Called Comicopera, the 16 track album is available on both CD and double vinyl formats. It was produced by Robert himself, and recorded at his home in Louth as well as Phil Manzanera's Gallery Studio.

'Comicopera' is divided into three Acts - 'Lost in Noise', 'The Here and The Now', and 'Away with the Fairies', and is initially more diverse and live sounding than it's predecessor 'Cuckooland'.

Featuring a cast of musicians including Brian Eno, Paul Weller and Phil Manzanera, Robert says he was keen for the album to capture the sound of a group of musicians playing in the room together, but more importantly to have friends playing together. "Music isn't just an abstract pleasure, it is a company, when you play a record. Why I like Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus, the Big Bands - is because every character in the band is identifiable as that person - there's this group of humans in a room" he says. It is this that gives 'Comicopera' a sense of spontaneity, despite it's deliberate pacing and construction as something of a three Act 'Opera'

Wyatt joins Bonnie 'Prince' Billy/ Will Oldham, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys at Domino.




This site is being run by a friend of Robert's, and not him personally.This is not a good way to reach him.

That being said, here is some info.

Robert Wyatt was a founding member of the Soft Machine, who along with Pink Floyd Helped to transform the late sixties psychedelic scene in the UK into something more lasting. Through successive albums, Soft Machine soon moved toward a more jazz-based fusion with rock music, punctuated by Wyatt's distinctive drumming and vocals, attracting a massive following across Europe. After extensive touring, Wyatt left intending to pursue a solo career, but instead assembled Matching Mole who released two critically acclaimed LP's before disbanding prematurely.

In 1973, Wyatt fell from a third floor window during a party, leaving him paralysed from the waist downwards. From that day onwards he has concentrated his efforts into solo recordings, mixing simple and effective keyboard melody lines with poignant lyrics, often filled with personal and political references. The results have proved both haunting and reflective, even producing two chart hits - his 1974 re-working of 'I'm a Believer', and the 1983 Falklands War indictment 'Shipbuilding' written especially for him by Elvis Costello.

Through masterpieces of rock, such as 'Matching Mole', 'Rock Bottom' and many acclaimed albums, Wyatt is still musically very active, and has been collaborating with many musicians, old as new. September 1997 sees the release of the long awaited new album, titled 'Shleep'. Produced by Wyatt himself, with the participation of old and new friends such as Brian Eno, Paul Weller, Evan Parker, Phil Manzanera and others, Wyatt, yet again, brings his musical career to new and overwhelming peaks.

Most of this bio was borrowed from the good folks at strongcomet

Please do not send a message for Robert here. There are better ways to reach him.
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