Colin Edwin - Playing With Gavin Harrison and Porcupine Tree /// Scott's Bass Lessons - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 17, 2016
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In today’s podcast Scott meets Colin Edwin, bassist with Britprog legends Porcupine Tree.

Of the numerous musical mutations that marked the early 1990s, the rise of Porcupine Tree was one that really saw the creative sparks fly. Led by frontman Steven Wilson, the band were anchored by one of the most technically gifted rhythm sections anywhere in prog rock. Bassist Colin Edwin held down the low end of their fiendishly unpredictable songs with drummer Gavin Harrison. Like all the best modern players, Colin has come a long way in his bass philosophy. Bring on the prog!

In this episode you're going to learn:
- How Colin got the gig with Porcupine Tree
- Why he switched from fingerstyle to playing with a pick
- What it’s like playing alongside Gavin Harrison
- All about his duo project with guitarist Jon Durant
- And much, much more…


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