Srdjan Brankovic Expedition Delta - Thank you for the good times - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 21, 2016

You know that I could hardly say
there was anyone, or anything
who could make my shiny day just like you.
You now that times are changing very fast,
and we are changing, too.
But, some memories will remain - I'll remember you.

And even on this winter day
as I know that you're away,
your presence surrounds me,
you're here by my side.

Thank you for the good times.
You always were my shiny star.
It's hard to say goodbye, but there's nothing left to do.
Thank you for the good times.
You know I will prey for you.
And although it's over now,
I'll be missing you and all the days that we've been given.
I'll be missing you.

Nikola - vocal
Marko - drums
Djeda - keyboards
Ip Maesstro - bass
Srdjan - guitar
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