Irina & Storm

Tuzla, BA
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Rock / Powerpop
Hayat Production
Bosnian version posted on our BLOG. So feel free to update yourselves :-)


Born: 20 March 1981

What to say??? A tricky question., well, those rare ones who haven't heard about Bosnian Janice and our very own Southern Nightingale there is no excuse! Stick on this page and listen to this girl sing. No place for disappointment in any way. The other ones, well they know everything there is to know. So.


Dario Havel

Born: 16 May, 1978

Instrument: rhythm & lead guitars

Career: Started playing guitar in 1990. His first band was a death metal band called Grotesk (1995-1997). Later he played in trash metal band Postmortem (1997-1998). In 1998 he formed Southern Storm together with Damir Sinanovic. During his carrier, Dario has performed in many concerts and toured Holland with the band Postmortem.

Samir Sinanovic - Sammy

Born: 16 February 1985

Instrument: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars

Career: Started playing guitar when he was 10. In 1999 at “Concert of Guitars of Tuzla” he has officially begun his musical career. Soon after, Sammy founded the band Apsurd and performed in many concerts. Besides engagement with the band Apsurd, Sammy cooperated with many other bands.

Damir Sinanovic - Bux

Born: 27 October, 1980

Instrument: drums

Career: Started playing drums when he was 14. His music career started in a death metal band Grotesk that was founded in 1994. The first concert performance occurred in 1995 with band Grotesk. After that concert, Damir started working with a band Ludilo, along with band Grotesk. After a year both bands fall apart and Damir joined the band Postmortem. The crown of the Postmortem existence was a tour at Holland. After disputes in Postmortem, Damir continued cooperation with other bands, including the band Dugi Put, the band that Damir performed many concerts with. In the mean time, while working other bands, Damir and Dario founded band called Southern Storm.

Mario Vilusic - Willy

Born: 24 December, 1978

Instrument: bass guitar

Career: Started in band Crossroads Band in 1994. Cooperation lasted for two years, until Mario’s engagement with Neon Knights in 1996. Mario recorded an album "Deserted Land" with Neon Knights and after many concerts (Grave Digger, Rage.) throughout Europe, the band fell apart. Soon after, Mario joined the band Southern Storm.


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