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V2/King records
Andrea De Paoli was born on the 13th of March 1976. He started playing keyboards when he was very young. He was playing everything that had black and white keys, like old winding organs, pianos and small electronic keyboards, even though the definitive study of the keyboards began at the age of 13. After a couple of years he decided to temporarily discontinue his classical music studies, utilizing just his natural born instinct to play and learn. When the time was right, he resumed the classical music studies again . His first band called "Master of Fly" was formed in 1992 with some friends from his hometown. The following years he played in several rock and metal cover bands. In 1995 Andrea De Paoli, at 19 years old, completed his first official recording with Matteo Salvi, a rock/fusion guitar player who graduated from the CPM School. They decided to call the project "Nemesi" after the goddess of vengeance.

After this experience began the most important period of his career. It was the year 1996. Wild Steel, the Italian masked singer and Andrea, formed "Shadows of Steel". The first metal album from this band was released in 1997 with the homonymous title. During the recording sessions Andrea met some Labyrinth members that engaged him as keyboard player and arranger. At the end of 1997, Andrea played the keyboards on "Return to Heaven Denied", the second Lab├┐rinth album with an international success of sales of more than 100,000 copies and fantastic reviews everywhere. A couple of months later, Andrea played "Twilight," once again, with Shadows of Steel. Thereafter, he became an effective member of Lab├┐rinth with whom he currently tours all over the world. In 1999 he began to play the keyboard lines with Vision Divine and Fabio Lione the Rhapsody singer with whom Andrea played on two albums and appeared on stage all over the world. They played innumerable gigs as headliners or as support for some of the greatest rock and metal bands of all time, such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more.The same thing he achieved with Labyrinth as well. He is the arranger and keyboardist for some Italian and international authors and collaborates with a pool of musicians for various TV productions, spots and movie soundtracks. 2004 and 2005 were the years of the great Asian tour with Labyrinth as headliners. China, Japan, Hong kong, Taiwan were amongst some of the major venues for this tour. Also during these years Labyrinth toured in Italy with Dream Theater and Angra and the last album "Freeman" made it onto both the Italian and Japanese charts. Lately he started an important collaboration with the great drummer and percussionist Tony Liotta, a renowned musician who plays with George Michael, Santana, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Chick Coreaand many more. Andrea works with Tony as keyboard player, songwriter and session man. This is what led Andrea into Latin and fusion genres of music after years of rock collaborations. He also instructs as a teacher of modern keyboard classes at Berimbau School in Treviso (Ita) and the Tony Liotta music school in Dortmund (Germany) . In the year 2007 the instrumental work for the italian guitarist Simone Fiorletta " My Secret Diary" was defined as one of the best instrumental albums of the last 20 years and Andrea De Paoli as one of the best rock keyboardists around. The collaboration as keyboardist on different albums and different kinds of music in 2006 and 2007 began innumerable and extensive tours in Italy, Europe and Asia with Labyrinth. .


This is an I pod player where you can find some sample of my works with Labyrinth, Tony Liotta, solo stuff and more, just click play.Enjoy!


1995 (19 years old) Nemesi-Nemesi

1996 (20 years old) Shadows of steel-Shadows of steel.

1998 (22 years old) Labyrinth- Return to heaven denied.

1999 (23 years old) Shadows of steel- Twilight

1999 (23 years old) Vision Divine-Vision Divine

1999/2000 (24 years old) Labyrinth-Timeless crime

2000 (24 years old) Labyrinth-Sons of thunder ( 16 th place in official italian charts, 42th in official Japanese charts)

2001 (25 years old) Vision divine-Send me an angel

2003 (27 years old) Labyrinth-Labyrinth

2005 (29 years old) Labyrinth-Freeman ( 28 in the Italian charts-3rd place in Burrn charts!!!

2005 (29 years old) Tony Liotta 4 for Akg products

2007 albums

-Labyrinth- 6 days to nowhere

-Simone Fiorletta- My secret diary (instrumental)

-Expedition delta

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