D.C Cooper

Pittsburgh, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Classic Rock
AFM Records,King Records Japan,Frontiers Italy,etc
1995 Acoustic version of "Clown in the Mirror". This was filmed at about 8:00 AM in an awesome theatre in Tokyo, Japan at the start of an 18 day promotional tour. The sunglasses were for my bleeding eyes, (not sure if it was the Jetlag,.or the alcohol that was seeping from my body)! ANyway,.thought you all might like to check out this version. BTW,.this is the 1st video from RH that I have EVER posted. Enjoy!!!

This is an old video from days gone by. The "TUNG BANDITS!!! Dean Mikulla ,guitarist extrordinaire posted this video,among some othere at www.marshallmovies.net. Chack them out and tell him DC sent ya!!!


New Silent Force Album out February 16th.

The new Silent Force album "Walk The Earth" (their first for AFM) will be available from February 16th.

This record is exactly how melodic Power Metal should sound in 2007! Honest, down to earth, powerful, cleverly arranged but not completely melodic. Silent Force once again utilised the services of producer Dennis Ward, so prepare for February. The Gods of Power Metal will Walk The Earth once again!

>DC on stage with Silent Force (copyright photos Florinda)

I come from a musical family and my father is once again re-joined an all male choir and Quartet, He turned me onto the Gaithers vocal

band some years ago.So,today when i heard this song for the 1st time,it moved me in ways I havent been moved in a long time.

I spent the afternoon/evening with my 2 sons (ages 7 and 4 1/2) and we listened and sang this tune over and over. It was quite a great day,brought tears to my eyes a few times.

Im not such a religious person,but,this song actually made me feel as though there is a god,and a heaven that I would like to be part of,especially if i could sing like that with voices like theirs for always, Enjoy,DC
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