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Indie / Punk / Rock
Why yes we are! Thanks for asking.
Crustacean Records PO Box 829, Madison WI 53701-0829
Get our stuff online at CRUSTACEAN RECORDS , Saki and
Carrot Top and Electric Fetus will get our stuff to your local independent music store if you order it.
You can also download us on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, Verizon, MSN Music and others.
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Crustacean Records does accept demos and listens to every single one at least once. We are only looking for bands that already have a proven track record of successful touring and other symptoms of a serious work ethic. We are very busy and do not reply back to most demo submissions. But again, we promise we are listening to all of them. Keep'em coming to Crustacean Records, PO Box 829, Madison, Wisconsin 53701-0829.WE DO NOT LISTEN TO BANDS ON MYSPACE AS PART OF OUR SCOUTING!!!!! Therefore if you want the label management to hear your music send a physical disk. Good packagaing and a great press kit will not hurt your cause either.
About comments on our page: This page is about Crustacean Records. Not free advertising space for people, bands and companies we do not know. Therefore while HTML comments are turned on, they will be evaluated for approval on our site. If you are someone who has a long lasting relationship with our label or the bands or people that comprise it, most likely it will be approved. If you are just some random yahoo pimping your stuff don't expect to get it approved. Also huge obnoxious images will tend to be denied more often than reasonable sized graphics.About us helping get you shows: Crustacean Records is run by three very busy owners and a few equally taxed volunteers/friends. With the exception of close personal contacts, we do not have time to book shows for other acts. We do not meddle in the booking of our own bands so we are not looking for show trades. Contact our individual bands directly if you wish to make a booking inquiry. If you are trying to get a show in Madison, Wisconsin all ages venues/agencies include: Electric Earth Cafe, Get Bent Press, Gnarly House, Lussier Teen Center, Majestic Theater, Mother Fools Coffee House, The Nottingham Co-op, The Project Lodge, Revolution Cycles, The Snake Pit, Subvert City, The Wil-Mar Center and Wisconsin Union Directorate.Bars that do 21 and up, but occasional 18 and up shows include: The Annex, Cafe Momarte, The Corral Room, Crystal Corner Bar, The Frequency, Glass Nickel Pizza, Harmony Bar, High Noon Saloon, Inferno Nightclub, Mickey's Tavern, Mr. Roberts and the Wisco. If you want to promote a gig in town the High Noon Saloon has provided a sweet press list specific to Madison. Good luck and happy travels.
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