The Giraffes

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Surf / Hardcore
+ + + + + + MUSIC VIDEOS by B.A. Miale (Les Savy Fav, 2 Skinnee J's, Hopewell)"Prime Motivator" – Sail the seas of meat by Vadim Newquist (sociopath, true fan)"Louie Guthrie Wants to Kill Me" – Public domain explosion"Clever Boy [coda]" – Live footage + strip-o-tainment by Matt Lenski (Fall Out Boy, VMA recipient)"Having Fun" – w/ surprise ending by Bengt Anderson ("Made", "Wife Swap")"Wage Earner" – Hot and disgusting.  Kinda like Waffle House. by The Giraffes (pet fluffing, erotic macrame)"Man U." – The kids at camp love this one. + + + + + + LIVE CLIPZ Fearless Music, 2009"Prime Motivator" – We'll be right back."The Power of Fatherhood" at Spin the, 2009 Select "on-demand" then go to "Spin the Bottle Live" at the bottom of the list.Editied video + full concert.  Liar's Club, Chicago, 2008"Louie Guthrie Wants to Kill Me" – Shave and a haircut, two shits.[all 3 clips] Monolith Festival, Red Rocks, CO, 2008"Sickness" – Wet underpants at 0:10[more clips from craven 2, akibaby and dangeroUSdirector] Pure Volume Ranch, SXSW, Austin, TX, 2008"Smoke Machine" – BASS![all 10 clips] Great Scott, Alston, MA, 2008"Prime Motivator" – Home of the "Alston Cream Pie" [all 3 clips] From "Fearless Music," 2007-8"Haunted Heaven" – New York's premiere sex metal band[all 6 clips] Europa, Brooklyn, Halloween 2007"Honey Baby Child" – Guest starring Eddie from Iron Maiden Knitting Factory, NYC, 2007 "The Fan" – Rock noir[all 3 clips] Gibson Guitars, 2007"Twin Girls" / "Sickness" – Featuring Aaron Lazar on Stun Guitar Key Club, LA, 2007 "Honey Baby Child" – G's up, pants down[all 5 clips] Easy Street Records, Seattle, 2006"Pisda Madi" – From the Pretty in Puke EP[all 4 clips] Mercury Lounge, NYC, 2006"Sugarbomb" - Edited by Vadim Newquist Brownies, NYC, 1999"Get in the Car" – Back before it all went wrong + + + + + + WORDS AND WHIZ-DUMB"How to Direct" by Damien Paris – a.k.a. On the noble art of the cocksmithDarfour, Depends and Drew's Ass – With your host, Jens CarstensenGirls and Meat – Pecker jokes TBAPiss on Everything – Public toilets 1, Drew 0+ + + + + + HIGH JINKS "This Town" Parts I and II – We're takin' this one straight to Broadway!Our New Vocalist – Drew channels his inner-SatanA Reading from "Barely Legal" – A poignant passage from "A Young Amputee's Journey to Sexual Wholeness"Lost and Loony – I'm pretty sure we're STILL driving around St. Louis to this day.Explosions – It was a long night .Park Bench Lazar – . a very long night .Dick Whistles for Dunces – Drunk and feelin' it."ESF" at Rancho De La Luna – A mellow desert vibe"No Blinking" – No blumpkins.Picking the Perfect Doll – What wronger way to say "I Love You"?Dave and Gary – He's the secret genius behind Rancho De La Luna and he likes dog biscuits.+ + + + + + The Reason Cameras Were Invented .

Angel dust. LSD. DMT. Benzedrine. Yoohoo. Billy Carter. AR-15s. Remote controlled vibrators (anal). Ricky Schroder. Potted-Meat. Paste.
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