Droids Attack

MADISON, Wisconsin, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Punk / Metal
Crustacean Records

Blazing guitar riffs, thick low end, and highly imaginative rhythm structures make up the foundation of this "heady" metal outfit from Madison, WI. Brandishing a full bodied tone and a taught signature style, they slice through the sterile ceiling fan churn of our modern day Line 6 heroes like a kershaw through the warm neck flesh of a thousand infidels. The Droid's unique sound suggests a more natural progression between Black Sabbath and Tool, and their throw down approach to the stage has consistently lead the most scowling of metal heads to the front row beaming with delight. It is fun to have your ass kicked this good.

Droids Attack formed in the summer of 2003, and have independently released three full length albums and one Split EP. The band managed to build substantial interest beyond their city limits and have risen to much acclaim throughout their Midwestern stomping grounds, earning cult status in the underground metal scene. Their albums have made they’re way onto national radio where their second release Fatal/Error edged it's way to number 34 on FMQB's national metal charts and their most recent offering Must Destroy managed to work it‘s way up to #17 on CMJ’s “Loud Rock” chart. The band has also landed notable opening spots for national acts such as Torche, Priestess, Nashville Pussy, Poster Children, Valient Thorr, Dead Meadow, Nick Oliveri, and comedian Doug Stanhope. They were also featured in the platinum hit Xbox 360 game "Prey", and were selected to perform at some of the industry's most coveted showcases, including SXSW (’08, and ‘09), and NXNE (’05, and ’06).

Must Destroy picked up favorable reviews across the board on an international scale from magazines such as Decibel, Outburn, Giant Robot, The Onion, and more. The album was selected alongside Gwar as a featured album out of hundreds by one of the internet’s largest independent record stores, CDbaby.com. The Droids followed it's release with the premier of their first ever music video for the song “The Great Wall Of ‘Gina,” and a successful string of headlining shows in the South and on the East Coast. Their hightened profile ultimately lead to a personal invitation for them to perform with legendary doom-pop pioneers Floor on their highly anticipated reunion tour, and to open up for underground metal juggernauts High On Fire along with Torche, and Kylesa for Chicago’s annual Riot Fest. From basements and dive bars, to high profile events and concert halls it is evident that Droids Attack's trajectory in the national metal scene is rising - and fast.

Here is what people are saying about Droids Attack and their latest release, "Must Destroy":

"Droids Attack deftly transcend the sludgy cathartic doom that's grown cliché in heavy metal." - The Isthmus

"Droids Attack have a truly genuine take on playing heavy music, yet they stay true to their sound without losing any momentum." - Maximum Ink

"The Madison, Wisconsin stoner rock prodigies return with their most accomplished album to date. After slaying hardcore fans for years, this nine-song masterpiece cements their status as one of the heaviest bands ever to emerge from the Midwest." - CD Baby (Metal Picks)

"Perhaps it's because they base themselves out of the relatively low-key music scene of Madison, Wisc., but Droids Attack don't seem too concerned with adhering to any sort of standard that their more famous peers may have established. While their music is seriously crushing, as demonstrated on their new album 'Must Destroy,' they don't take themselves all too seriously -- evidenced be their droid mascot (aka Robo) or song titles such as 'Great Wall of Gina.'" - Noisecreep (AOL)

"Droids Attack are smoking way better weed then your average stoner outfit." - Decibel Magazine

"Ass-shattering epicness." - I Hear Sparks

"Van keeps things on the good-humored side of macho and lets his obsessions with video games and robots leak in, with song titles like "The Arcade Bully" and "Koko Beware." (Speaking of titles, it's impossible to respond to "The Great Wall Of Gina" without shooting Pabst out your nose, even if you're not drinking one.)" - A.V. Club (The Onion)

"The group plays heavy, Sabbath-influenced stoner rock with a Soundgarden or Kyuss type of vibe. The heavy-but-fast ghetto guitar riffs are complemented by thick vocals even Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister would be proud of." - Giant Robot

"A heaving slab of chunky hard-rock riffage." - Time Out Chicago

"Droids Attack strike the target with a swaggering stoner-rock/metal gem that's sure to appeal to cloudy and clear-headed individuals alike who crave heavy doses of infectious, fuzzy, igniting fret-fury. 8/10" - Metal Review

"Droids Attack's third album Must Destroy is filled to its crusty brim with tongue-in-cheek song titles, bluesy scuzzed out guitars and a rhythm section that's creative and thundering. These dudes deliver music made for a major rager and have a sound that makes you feel like anything could pop off at any time of day." - Mouth For War

"Most big rock bands drag their songs out to seven or eight minutes feeling somehow that we'll all benefit from extra guitar masturbation. Droids Attack would rather show up, blow the speakers up and then steal all the beer." - Iann Robinson/Crave Online

"Understanding the need for unyielding attitude, these guys are still somewhat intellectual, stepping just beyond the psyche-influenced rock'n'roll that Priestess and Valient Thorr have been mining for some time now. It results in a powerful, churning effort high on creativity and virtually devoid of the genre's typical lazy approach: wringing one substantial riff to death." - Exclaim! (Canada)

"Sweet. That's the word that escapes the lips not a minute into Must Destroy, a meaty slice of stoner rock from Wisconsin trio Droids Attack" - The Aquarian

"So right for all of you who searching and searching for something fresh, between the musical dark paths of CAPTAIN BEYOND’s and CLUTCH’s glorious past" - Metal-Temple (Greece)

"You’re not likely to get more bluesy riffs and swagger on any other album this year. Droids Attack have again pushed all the right buttons, when it comes to my love for big, classy riffs and Must Destroy will probably end up on my next, horribly disfigured “year end best of list” as a result of their groovy prowess." - Hell Ride

"Droids Attack are miles ahead of the curve." - Stoner Rock

"They seriously rock." - The Obelisk
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