SUSTO - Black River Gospel - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 08, 2016
01 Black River Gospel

ay down in Black River where my family is from, they've been working on a building thats going to outlast the sun; they've been laying bricks every time Sunday morning comes, singing songs about faith and salvation. They say:

"We're are pilgrims, we're all strangers, and in this land we are just traveling through. Oh so do lord, won't you remember me, do lord, (the believing boy in that Southern Methodist pew) when I'm way beyond the blue"

My brothers, me, and my cousins had an early theological start, learning those black river gospel hymns and singing them all by heart; we were up on stage like a sacrifice to God. That's the price you pay, when you grow up in the South.

But when I was a young man, Black River I did leave. The spirit of the open country started calling to me so I set out across the continent with my friends; oh Black River I don't think that I could do it again. I know now that all good things must come to an end.

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