'Towards the Future' - 2015 Wrap-up Megamix [END OF YEAR/1K SUBS SPECIAL] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 31, 2015
Download link below! Headphones recommended!

HEY EVERYONE! I just wanted to thank you all for the support throughout this year! I can't believe we've reached ONE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS already!


It's really unbelievable! So I hope this mix will be appreciated by all of you! It's a megamix including most of the songs I've remixed in 2015. From all the way back in April with 'Wishing Misery' (Lament of Falling Stars), to the influx of Ace Attorney fans when 'Truth Seeker' (Apollo Justice) was uploaded, to Ghostly Super Ghost Boos Halloween release, all the way to the recent 'Monster Merriment' (Snowdin Town). I tried to fit in as much as this year's journey as I could, but of course there's some left out, and some reduced to the musical equivalent of cameos.

Here's a list of the remixes featured (in order of appearance):
Countdown to Crisis (Temporal Tower)
Wishing Misery (Lament of Falling Stars)
For Another Day (Kay Faraday)
Prologue to Mastery (Route 10)
Decisions (VS Cynthia)
Eons Ago (Southern Island)
Truth Seeker (Apollo Justice)
Thousands of Hues (Calamari Inkatation/Squid Sisters)
Together (Partner's Theme)
The Little Route (Route 101)
Monster Merriment (Snowdin Town)
Triumph (VS Frontier Brain)
Out of the Cold (Final Battle VS Bittercold)
Analysis Complete (Athena Cykes)
Salary Cuts (Detective Gumshoe)
A Spirit's Secrets (Maya Fey/Psyche Lock)
To a New Life (Run Away/Fugitives)
Remembrance (VS Zinnia)
Power Outage (Kalos Power Plant)
Splat BOOM! (Splattack!)
Deep End (Aquarium Park)
Forceful Shadows (VS Giratina)
The Grand Trek (Great Canyon)
Forbidden Melody (Relic Song)
It's About Time (Primal Dialga)
Witnesses' Accounts (Testimony)
Fungal Mansion (Reflected Laughter)
Haunted Hills (NSMBW Ghost House)
Magic Ties (Espella Cantabella)
Looking Back (A Wish for Peace/I Don't Want to Say Goodbye)
Against All Odds (Monster House!)

For those who've just joined us, this'll be a fill-in on what happened this year, and for those who've been here since the beginning, it'll be a trip down memory lane! It was really fun (and time-consuming) putting this together, so please enjoy! I hope you guys had a great 2015 like I did, and here's to the future! Thanks so much guys! You're the best!

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?a4ww1785tdcpdd1

I drew that Shedinja. lol
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