The Beatles - Taxman - Guitar Cover - Epiphone Casino - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 04, 2017
George’s stinging rhythm guitar and Paul’s fiery solo open Revolver with Taxman! The rhythm guitar would have been played on George’s Sonic Blue Stratocaster and was double tracked to thicken the sound. He mainly stuck to a D7 chord, interjecting with the “Hendrix” chord, D7(#9), on the “Tax-man” backing vocal parts. During the turnaround in the verses, George plays a two note C chord with his fingers on the fifth fret of the D and G strings. After the guitar solo, George substitutes a G7addA# chord in place of the normal G7 (1:24). Similarly, in the last verse George plays the D7(#9) chord with the more dissonant A# note on the high E string (1:55, 2:02).

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Paul’s guitar solo was played on his Epiphone Casino and features his great intensity as a guitar player. Notice the wild vibrato and quick bends along with an Indian sounding descending pattern, a nod to George’s deepening interest in their music. Paul’s licks throughout the second half of the song are played with the same power as the solo, introduced by a fade-in at 1:25. This intensity can be achieved by hitting the strings in a forceful, yet controlled way.

Instruments Used:
George Harrison Rhythm Guitar: 1989 Fender Stratocaster MIJ
Paul McCartney Lead Guitar: Epiphone Casino Elitist
Amp: Vox AC15
Microphone: Shure SM57
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