Abiyah - "Sold Secrets" LIVE @ Russian Recording (Bloomington, IN) - 9/7/13 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 30, 2013
Partial recording of live performance of "Sold Secrets", a song about a past relationship, at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN on 9/7/13. Tour stop with louis logic and F. Virtue, joined by our friend and Bloomington indie hip hop artist L-ION. Nice impromptu harmonizing by louis on the hook.

Lyrics by Abiyah.
Produced by Possible Address (Sergey Kuznestov).

Video recorded by louis logic.

First verse lyrics:

inherent in the transit of waste
complained by taste in mouth
south of red river
misgiver tossed lifeline
time spaced out
between moon and clout
sliced sliver
deliver clockout
sprint the gamut
tongue on lockout
sweet nothings saw the window
so they flocked out
Mondrian on my skirt
so i blocked out
spot on sacrosanct blank tablet
slept habit on interlude
bwoy culture rude
vulture on the motherlode
rolled hip to the static
dramatic tongue on the touchtone
shown in desperate measure
treasure by the pound
plundered downtown
found drunk in misgivings
living drought until drown
sound wet from the ceiling
reeling in hook-shock
rock star gangsta lean
mean tight with the wisdom
lockdown on cock
barrel stock lit up
marquee spit corrupt
corner of street front
blunt my lips
bits sedentary on relax
smacks hoes up kneecaps
crusted dungeon riding shotgun
run black into ice
nice not in vernacular
macular region on low
slow behind door close
rose to code leveled
several gone hesitant
rant on the new champ
stamp to the sequence
amidst afropunk and eclipse.


i sold secrets
i sold secrets
i sold secrets
to the highest bidder
i sold secrets
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