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Across the street from Mother Hubbard's Cupboard in Bloomington, Indiana, there stands a building. From within come the sounds of a guitar amp set to

"3", a bass dug deep, and the snap of drum sticks. The chopped sticks are

the clarifier of the guitar/bass relationship, thus hearing protection is

strictly enforced. Occasional bleeding and consistent sweating are par for

the course. The music associates itself with all conditions including:

humans, diseases, books, films, dead hearts, events predating the big bang,

flight, empty hands, breeding, fire, water, the jesuses and how to not

panic. The sound is tightly wedged between a rock and a roll, hard and

compact, but fresh and piping hot. The final result is direct and spastic; a

bit cryptic, while simultaneously genuine like pay day. We are they. They

are Mikes. Mikes are Push-Pull.

HELLO SOLDIER!!! (Sick Room Records)

Our first full length CD, recorded in 2005 and released by Sick Room Records on November 11th, 2008. Now in new fancy digipack with neat artwork.

$10 Postage Paid!

The PPPPP EP (Joyful Noise Recordings)

This is a split 7" record with Prizzy Prizzy Please. This record comes with a free high quality digital download of the entire EP. 2 exclusive P-P songs on side A, and 2 exclusive PPP songs and side B.

$6 Postage Paid!

"3" (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Although it's our first "official" release, it's the third thing we recorded. 6 songs and something extra. Yay!

$7 Postage Paid!

We Are Hungry/Brad Is A Cop Split 7" w/The Coke Dares

This is a split 7" record with The Coke Dares. This was released in 2005. Jackets were hand printed by Mike Notaro.

$4 Postage Paid!
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