Local Substance Crew

birmingham, Midlands, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass
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Local substance were formed sometime in 2002 even though we were without a name at that point we were'nt without vision!!!!!!!!As two young men growing up in birminghams underground music scene we both had similar likes and ideas for urban music.Before we met each other we had both established ourselves musically`ALPHA for his djing at nearly every major midlands DnB event and ROLAND for his mcing at most of the premier garage events up and down the country.So we started to build tunes and at first our knowledge of the programz wasnt great but the ideas were there'Over the next eighteen months or so we made about ten tunes and handed them out to such people as nicky bmkt /brockie /ron /gq etc.THE FEEDBACK WASNT BRILLIANT to say the least, but we both knew that it was early days and never to give up at your first hurdle.This now meant back to the drawing board and over the following two years we learned how to use the synths and modulate our sounds untill early 2006 we were happy that we had our own unique sound.Some of the first people to play our tunes out in raves were dj's such as MICKY FINN, DARREN JAY ,SWANEE, PHANTASY ,SPARXX AND THE FEEDBACK WAS NOW AMAZING We had now been recognised as producers and had acheived our goal.OUR FIRST RELEASE SHOULD BE BUN IT DOWN AND AFE GET IT ON URBAN TAKEOVER LATE 2006 AND FOLLOWING THAT A MAX AMMO RELEASE WITH SWAN-E AND COCO SO ALL DRUM AND BASS JUNGLISTS WATCH OUT BECAUSE THIS IS LOCAL SUBSTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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