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DJ Phantasy Biography by J. Wilton

In writing a biography for DJ Phantasy, one should realise that the term 'legend' is hardly an overstatement. At the end of the 1980's an entire generation of British youths were catching onto a new and exciting sound emerging from the Acid House scene. A fresh style of music and the lifestyle that surrounded it was resonating through the youth culture of the day and DJ Phantasy was at the hub of the movement which grew to envelope an entire generation and the subsequent generations that followed; Rave
Throughout his illustrious career Phantasy has shaped and moulded the music we know and love with constant innovation, never standing still and never afraid to try new avenues. DJ Phantasy instantly recognised the need to involve himself and rapidly became one of the most respected producer/DJs in the world, helping to nurture Dance Music as we know it from its first baby steps to the worldwide phenomenon it has now become.
Thanks to his persistent attitude and a relentlessly keen eye for the next business trend Phantasy is busier now than he has ever been in his career with over 300 released tracks and several highly successful business under his belt including Devotion, a worldwide promotions company with events popping off across the globe on a regular basis, and Easy Records, the home of some of the freshest music around including the recently released album project 'The Jungle Story' LP, a concept album featuring some of the hottest vocalists and producers the Drum n Bass scene has to offer. Add to that a ridiculously busy DJ schedule and you'll see the DJ Phantasy is as much an integral part of the global Dance Music scene as he ever was.

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