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Tokyo City, Tokyo, JP
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Comedy / J-POP / Emo
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LeetStreet Boys (also known as L33tStr33t Boys) is an anime otaku fantasy band most well known for its single and music video “Yuri The Only One.”

Founded in 2007 by vocalist/songwriter Matt Myers, and guitarist/producer Ryan McCormack, the band band centers around a prep school punk singer (Matt,) a metrosexual elf guitarist (Justin,) a lesbian healer bassist (Rose) and a fire breathing dragon drummer (D-Dos.) It’s name is a spoof on The Backstreet Boys, with the number 3s replacing the letter Es to form the popular gamer slang word, “l33t.”

Matt and Frogs briefly played together in high school, and reconnected when Frogs came to Boston on a band tour. The two realized a mutual interest in anime, and began collaborating video game and anime music projects.

Based on an acoustic demo of “Yuri The Only One” for a live performance at ConnectiCon 2007, Matt and Frogs teamed to produce a full band arrangement of the song. Nathan “N8” Soria was subsequently hired to produce an animated music video featuring original fictional characters as well as well-known anime and video game icons.

Debuting at Anime Boston 2008, the video was posted on YouTube, where it quickly garnered over half a million views and was discovered by Video Games Live executive producer Tommy Tallarico begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, who put it into rotation as part of the Video Games Live show. Since then, “Yuri The Only One” has been screened at numerous Video Games Live events throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia; the song single also appears as a bonus track on the album Video Games Live: Greatest Hits Volume 1.

The LeetStreet Boys released their self-titled debut album “LeetStreet Boys” in February, 2009, and are currently supporting it with performances on the North American anime convention circuit, including recent appearances in Los Angeles, Alaska, Boston, New York, and Missouri. Matt and Frogs continue to head the group as its only permanent members, producing a wide array of branded multimedia product, from music and music videos to webcomics and video games.

LeetStreet Boys have reached video game, anime and music enthusiasts around the globe with their catchy musical hooks, clever lyrics, and explosive energy. With their popular single and music video “Yuri The Only One” a mainstay on the anime convention circuit, YouTube and Video Games Live, LeetStreet Boys not only wear their hearts on their collective sleeves, but deliver an epic musical experience for fans everywhere!

For the latest news and updates, check out www.leetstreetboys.com !

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