LeetStreet Boys - OtakuRave - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 18, 2013
"OtakuRave" from the new LeetStreet Boys album L3g3nds!
Buy the album: http://www.leetstreetboys.com/store/a...
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/l3g3nds/id569897451

Saturday night in the heat of July
In a mecha I drop out of the sky the blink of an eye
Hit the scene at the Tokyo club
The front of the line we stop time beam me up
Leeroy Jenkins going on raids
Duct tape fifteen foot blades winning masquerades
On the prowl chasing Panty And Stocking
A plastic guitar now I'm rocking

Well we got more gold coins than Mario
Power playerz we're in let's go
In the zone tonight gonna pwn tonight
Let's set a new high score

I'm going out to the OtakuRave
Dressed up with my friends the attention that we crave
I'm coming down to the OtakuRave
Saturday night the time is right to misbehave
As I roll into the OtakuRave
Mask is on my face it's time to rock the place
Grinding to the chiptunes drum and bass

(verse 2)
I'm in the back hosting EG lolitas
Nomming Mountain Dew and Doritos
Fritos thinking tonight I'm gonna get Lays
As we dance dance to the beat til the end of our days
Listen girl this cosplay's only a front
Beneath these lights everything that you want
Make a wish clap your hands anything that you're asking
Like Ciel I'll be you're Sebastian

(prechorus 2)
Well we got more gold coins than Mario
Screw the haterz cool story bro
In the zone tonight gonna pwn tonight
Only thing I want is moar


Sunday morning I wake up
I'm here lying on the floor
Head stuck in the elevator
Feel it banging in the door
Now my hair glows in the dark
Pocky drooling down my chin
Please tell me how last night happened
Must be epic win


Grinding to the chiptunes drum and bass
I'm going out to the Otaku Rave
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