LeetStreet Boys - Final Boss - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 29, 2013
"Final Boss" from LeetStreet Boys new album L3g3nds.

Buy the album: http://www.leetstreetboys.com/store/album3/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/l3g3nds/id569897451

06: Final Boss

verse 1:
A low level hero would crap in his pants
This evil so viciously strong
I've made it here oh twixt fate and through chance
STFU bitches it's on

Final boss it's the greatest battle of all
Final boss the fight I win or I fall
Final boss this is down to the wire no matter the cost
To victory or else all hope is lost

verse 2:
A duel to the death one HP at a time
Sixteen bit world hangs in our grasp
I look the bad ugly creep in the eyes
The moment of pwnage at last (Feel my wrath)


Final boss
One last scene then swords be crossed


Now it's time to knock 'em out the box
Beat the final boss
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