LeetStreet Boys - My Life Is An RPG (New album available now!) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 23, 2012
LeetStreet Boys 3rd album "L3g3nds" is finally available!

Buy the album: http://www.leetstreetboys.com/store/album3/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/l3g3nds/id569897451

verse 1:
One day I'll pull the sword from the stone
Level up til I make it on my own
March into battle as monsters attack
Don't need a credit card to hold me back
If I could be where someone understands
Launch from a cannon land in distant lands
Long time ago far far away
Don't care what anybody has to say
I have a dream where I save the world
Recurring theme where I get away from here
All a game it's a fantasy
Everyone is an NPC
In a dream where I get the girl
Watch a scene in the wizard's palantir
Every day til I reach my destiny
My life is an RPG
Craving magic glory and gold
Be the greatest story ever told
Born to lead the alliance and horde
Overthrow the evil overlord
I'm so bored stuck in this 9 to 5
Need adventure show me I'm alive
How long waiting til my time will come
When I'm called upon to be someone
Off somewhere slaying demons
Tell me to keep on dreamin'
That's the life for me
I have a dream where I save the world
My life is an RPG

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