Measure: Somewhere Outside - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 07, 2012
Track 1 from Measure: The Air Inside Our Lungs
Song by Laura DiStasi
(c)(p) 2012 Laura DiStasi/Snow Day Music ASCAP
Get your things, get up and go
Grow some wings, time flies you know

You'll be better off somewhere outside
You'd be better off with head held high

Count the years, oh how they go
Count the things you couldn't have known

You'll be better off somewhere outside
You'll be better off with your head held high

Turn off the screen, put on your coat,
and wear your path into the road.
The working day is done. If that's a battle won,
Somewhere there's space and air to breathe,
No worn out path under your feet

The air inside your lungs,
starts stinging as you run
And run.
The air inside your lungs is singing as you run
And run.

Measure is Laura DiStasi (Vocals, Piano, Synths), Woody Quinn (Guitars), Tommy Harron (Bass), Casey Tuck (Drums)
Words and Music by Laura DiStasi
© ℗ 2012 Snow Day Music (ASCAP)/ Laura DiStasi (ASCAP)
Mixed by Ryan West in New York, NY
Mastered by Matt Azevedo in Cambridge, MA
Produced by Laura DiStasi. Additional Production & Programming: Mike Beck
Basics tracked by Mike Beck at Secret Society Music Vocals tracked by David Little in Brooklyn, NY. Guitar tracked by Tommy Harron
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