laura distasi

Brooklyn, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Alternative / Electronica
A fellow artist once said, "Her music does what every songwriter wishes their music could do: it hollows you out, then fills you back in. It breaks your heart and builds you a new one. It moves you."

A singer/songwriter by way of New Jersey, Boston, and now Brooklyn, NY, Laura DiStasi's music captures both the vibrancy and isolation of city life. Her lyrics hit close to the bone and are heavy with imagery. She plucks moments from the everyday, holding up promise in one hand and heartbreak in the other. The music feels its way though impressionistic landscapes, exploring the complex depth of relationships and changeā€¦ nostalgic, yet hopefulā€¦ that anything worth lamenting is, once was, or could be beautiful.

Best known as half the electro-pop collaboration 'Measure', Laura also performs and records as a solo artist, as well as with other NYC based musicians. She has already shared the stage with artists such as Nada Surf, Fountains of Wayne, Chris Barron, Slow Runner, Tom Brosseau, and Caroline, to name a few. Beyond the live show, Laura's music has been placed on television shows, such as Melrose Place and NBC's Mercy, as well used in a Public Service Announcement narrated by Morgan Freeman for volunteerism, a cause dear to Laura who is preparing for her third marathon to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Laura's releases include her 2005 debut, "Winters Never Quit", Measure's 2008 debut, "Begin Again", and a recent 3 song pre-release for an upcoming Measure album, which is currently available for streaming online.

April 1, 2010

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