Cancel Winter

Toronto, Ontario, Ca
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Electro / Rock
Remember the last time someone broke your heart? Remember how you called them, ranting and mumbling into the phone between sobs, until they finally just hung up?
Imagine if someone got those sounds, mixed them up proper, and produced a CD?
Cancel Winter’s liestilnow distills that heartbreak into electric guitars, loud drums and electronic blips punctuated by vocals that tell us love is bad – stay far, far away. NOW Mag. says, “These guys have managed to combine emo, new wave, indie and radio-friendly rock all one slickly produced record. The songs are infectious enough to be played on rock stations across the country”.
The band manages to merge the catchiness of radio pop without losing the raw emotion of the songs. This is a CD inspired by heartache but follows that up with a swift kick to the temple.
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