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Need a break from the flavourless sonic swill of commercial radio? Then come find the best music you've never heard at IndieCan Music is home to THE TORONTO INDIE SCENE, THE VANCOUVER INDIE SCENE, THE OTTAWA, HALIFAX and MONTREAL INDIE SCENE - a front-row seat and backstage pass to the very best of emerging music. New shows weekly.

Each episode includes a new feature band "Live at IndieCan" performing a few songs and chatting with the hosts. Industry insiders share their unique perspective in the business behind the music. You'll say, "I heard it first on IndieCan Radio!"

Join a growing number of artists, fans and insiders that tune in loyally - it's like Canadian Music Week every week.

Many thanks to CILU FM in Thunderbay, CKLU FM in Sudbury, Durham College radio at CFBX FM in Kamloops BC and CVUE on the Sunshine Coast, SoundFM in Waterloo and who have all made IndieCan Radio part of their community programming. We are coming soon to KICK FM in Winnipeg - Please support these stations if you can.

Operation 100,000

In 2008, 120,000 listeners started tuning in every week thanks to your word-of-mouth in Operation 100,000. We thank you for your devotion and support. What now? What if 1 Million people listened to these great Canadian artists? Let's try. If you are new please listen to our show @ and tell us your honest opinion. Tell your friends why you love music and why they should give our show a try, if you think they should. You do that - we'll make loyal listeners out of 1 Million some day. Also, let us know about bands you want to hear from. The show is for you. We believe in a strong community and a show built on the wishes of music fans. (((You will say "I heard it first on IndieCan!"))) Keep Indie Rockin' and keep coming back for the best music you've never heard.

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Click on the Image above to read more about this book by Dave Cool of WHAT IS INDIE and Peter Spellman of The BERKLEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC. For $17 you can get experience and advice about how to make your CD Release a career-builder.

"The Indie Bible"

The 10th edition of The Indie Bible is hot off the press. We use it and give it our “two thumbs up” best resource for indie artists. Sorted by region and genre, find those that will play your music, who will review your music and who will help you with your career. We’ve used it – it works. If you want music to be your day job then this is worth the $50. Fifty articles from lawyers, label executives, Derek Sivers of CD Baby and more cover topics like promoting yourself, distribution deals, agents, sponsors, and many other keys to running your business. The articles alone are like a year of IndieCan “Industry Insider Interviews.”

FYI, if you buy through our banner above, $5 goes to IndieCan to help produce great indie radio. How's that for good Karma? We appreciate the support.

And this just in - The Indie VENUE Bible. You can get contacts for all of North America for $99 or you can just buy your region for a fraction of the price. Now get out and play more, be on the phone and computer less:


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