Nudybronque - Allsorts (2013) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 21, 2013
Nudybronque proudly present their new music video for 2013, "Allsorts".

"Allsorts is the sort of song that reminds you that indie can be clever and interesting, not just generic and dull." - Jules Aplin, Tape to Tape

"a crescendo of anguish with guitars, organ and percussion churning into a frenzied climax of despair, managing to leave you feeling slightly dirty and soiled as if you had just made a poor choice of one-night stand." - Ed Dyer, Gig Monkey

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Nudybronque are:
Aidan Sheehan
John Wealthdale
Luke Wride

Directed and Produced by: Jack Strood

Secondary Artists:
Georgina Ingram
George Strood

Jon Buckett

Recorded By:
Earthworm & Moon Calf Studios
Jon Buckett & Nick Beere

Mixed and Mastered By:
Jon Buckett & Colin Moulding
Earthworm & Warneage Wood

Shot on location in Swindon.

Kind thanks to the table of Nudybronque for being a good sport. Bless that little table.
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