Shivers - Pamela Under Water - Live from IndieCan - 10.21.07 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 29, 2009
Shivers - Pamela Under Water - Live from IndieCan - 10.21.07 Filmed by Stephen Sherwood. Pamela Under Water was being interviewed and also played a few songs for the XM Satellite radio show IndieCan. Shivers was off Pamela Under Water's album, Last Nights Lipstick. IndieCan is one of Canada's premiere new music programs which will now be heard on XM Satellite's, The Verge XM52. Every week IndieCan Radio's guerrilla music team will hit the streets, clubs, festivals and studios of Canadian indie hot beds coast-to-coast to bring you Canada's new music and the stories behind it from artists and industry insiders. Catch IndieCan Radio Mondays a 3pm EST. and Saturdays at 7pm EST. on XM Satellite's The Verge XM52.
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