Jerome Wolf

Alsace, FR
Artist / Band / Musician
Born in 1977 to a family of musicians, he was introduced to music at an early age. At the age of 7, he took clarinet lessons at the conservatoire of music, and then moved on to the piano a few years later.

It was at the age of 12, whilst listening to Baron Browne's solo on an album from drummer Billy Cobham, that he really discovered his love for electric bass.

He started to learn to play the bass with guitarist Pascal Masselon and then went on to pass the entry exam for the department of improvised music at the Strasbourg conservatoire of music, where he studied with Bernard Struber, Latif Chaarani, Jean Pierre Herzog, Jean Daniel Hege, Stephan Oliva.

After graduating in musicology at the Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg, he learnt composition with Michel Lehmann and specialised in improvised music and Latin Jazz. This path led him to meet Cuban pianists Alfredo Rodriguez and Numidia Vaillant.

He now plays the 7 string bass, (thanks to his collaboration with luthier Jean-Philippe Ferreira) an instrument still quite rare in France, and he is currently trying out a 10 string bass. To help others to discover these instruments, he has created the website bass6, and is also involved in the creation of the association bAziC' in collaboration with William Martin and Jean-Philippe Ferreira. The main goal of Bazic' is to organise events and provide services for bass players.
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