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Markbass amps are made in Italy using the most advanced technology available, and designed with the needs of bass players as our top priority. The result is a line of products that sound like what you put into them, that are incredibly reliable (our component failure rate is currently 0.06% and our warantees lead the industry) and unbelievably light. For example, our 500W Little Mark II weighs 6.3 lbs, our 750W SD800 is 7.5 lbs, and the 500W F1 weighs 4.6 lbs. But don't trust our bragging, read what people are saying!


The best tone I have ever had as a professional bass player comes from Markbass bass amps. I've noticed that bass players that use Markbass have the opportunity to take from these amplifiers whatever tone they individually hear. Every time that I've ever plugged into a Markbass amplifier Ive been knocked out.

Jeff Berlin, bass legend

The fundamental sound is quality to the bone.

Guitar and Bass (UK)

Sound: 20/20Bass Guitar (UK)

The sound is amazing. With basic tone controls of low, low mid, high mid and high on each channel set flat, you have tone to die for. The best investment of my playing career.

Paul Richings (working semi-pro UK bass player)

There's certainly a real clarity and purity to the tone produced it seems to impose less of a particular character on the sound than other amps I have tried. There is just plenty of clear, defined, powerful bass available, comprehensively tweakable with the EQ available.Guitar Buyer (UK)

Markbass have prided themselves on faithfully reproducing the instrument's tone without coloration and I reckon they've done a fine job. The sound is warm, and for only one cabinet you get a very full-range sound. Never have I received so many compliments on my bass sound.

Bass Guitar (UK)

The overall voice of this amp is extremely clean and precise, and shows no clouding at all. The overall feel to me was of robust simplicity and high quality and the tonality and range of the amp reinforce that you are dealing with a very high level professional product.Australian Musician

"Aggressive!" "Vicious!", proclaimed staffers about the Combo 102's wicked sound. Even without the 151 extension cab, the 102 was downright nasty in our Soundroom, wowing staffers with its punch and presence.

Bass Player Magazine

When dials are set flat, the tone is clean and punchy, and very musical. I found that very little EQ fiddling was necessary to get a good sound.

Canadian Musician

Markbass delivers the goods in all respects, and seems to be very reasonably priced as well. Australian Musician

Very competitively priced. Guitar Buyer Review (UK)

Using simple and effective designs Markbass have managed to make a great sounding amp and still keep the price competitive. Bass Guitar (UK)
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