David Soltany

Alsace, FR
Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Classical / Ambient
Here's a juke box with some jams/contests(a mix of jazz/classical/metal/fusion, even mario bros !!! :) ) I've recorded for a website : www.guitare-live.com

About Me :

Hi Everyone !

You can find my first album "DIVERSITY" on these websites :

www.guitareuroshop.com or


Not much to say about me, I'm a music addict, i love composing, creating new stuff and making orchestral arrangements.

I play couple instruments like Guitar,Persian Tar, Cello,Santuur.

Here's a video playing on a Tagima guitar I won in Kiko Loureiro's

contest :

New video made on my musicman Jp, the playback was made by Guillaume Ninon a great sound engineer and friend(I would like to apologize for the quality and the light, it's mediocre):

width="425" height="350">


The artwork was made by Dominique Picone : dominique_picone@yahoo.fr
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