Brandon Beal - Golden ft. Lukas Graham - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 12, 2016
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Director: Michael Spooner
Idea & Script, Creative Director: Morten Winther
Executive Producer/Producer: Ari Rutenberg
Executive Producer: Adam Margolis
Executive Producer/1st AD: Daniel Leef
Production Manager: Tay Hawes
2nd AD: Parker McMillan
DP: Eric Maddison
Steadicam: Jose Babcock
1st AC: Joseph Ascioti
2nd AC: Liam Miller
DIT: Ryan Liebert
Gaffer: Dannon Johnson
Swing: Dan McPhan
Set Dresser: Chase Bryant
Hair/Makeup: Nikki Parisi
Production Assistants: Jeremy Scippio, Pearce Lawrence
Post Production: ZwickPost
Editors: Charlie Zwick and Jonathan Rouzier
Colorist: Jonathan Rouzier
Audio Engineer: Daniel Provenza
Production Company: BigMan Shorts

Danish Credits - Record Label sequence:
DP: Thomas Gerhardt
1st AC: Rasmus Jørgensen
Steadicam: Jonas Torp
DIT: Emil Valentin
Special thanks: Moses Malone

Live Sequence Forum Copenhagen 5. Dec 2015:
Performance by: Brandon Beal and Lukas Graham: (Lukas Forchammer, Mark Falgren, Magnus Larsson, Kasper Daugaard.)

Live footage by: René Sascha Johannsen, Mathias Tegtmeir, Magnus Honoré, Andreas Højberg, Rasmus Rørbæk, Mattias Troelstrup, Balthazar Hertel.

Young Brandon: Joshua M. Watson
Announcer: Jerome St. Jerome
Coach: Kurt Sinclair
Physical Therapist: Darwin Fogt
Doctor: Sunny Virmani
Referee: Kenny James
Football Players: Ryan Van Sant, Chase Bryant, Ari Rutenberg
Thugs: Koran Streets, Animal the Underdog, No Cence
Party Girls: Dolly Gray, Mich’Elle Okoro, Jessica Jones
Young Fans: Brenden Hodge, Lynnden Hodge
Receptionist: Mariah Parejas Brink Larsen

Camera - Panavision Hollywood/Mike Carter, Production Rentals - Zio Rentals/Kyle Williams, Evolution Physical Therapy/Darwin Fogt, Only Rental. Morten Hjort / Digital Labs.
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