Timecop1983 - Tonight - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 30, 2014
Another solid release from Timecop!

Waves EP is OUT NOW!

"At around the 1:47 mark of “Tonight”, an instrument that I would bet is a guitar comes into the mix. I say ‘bet’, because the blend of analog and digital sound here is something that is truly special and creates a sound that feels between two worlds. Is there any expression that captures the spirit of NRW like “between two worlds”? I don’t think so. The song is without a doubt retro-inspired and drenched in nostalgia, but the subtle chimes of the synth and deep ambience of the guitar create something that doesn’t sound like anything else in the genre. It is a direction I really hope to see more artists push toward and I look forward to seeing if Timecop pursues it further." - Joey Edsall

Check out our full review of the album here:

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