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Under the banner Forward with Scotlands Past, BATTLEFIELD BAND have been performing on the international scene for more than three decades.

Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength of the modern Scottish cultural scene, Battlefield Band mix the old songs and tunes with new self-penned material, playing them on a unique fusion of ancient and modern instruments: bagpipes, synthesizers, fiddles, guitars, cittern, bass, whistles, and bouzouki. Battlefield Band pioneered the integration of bagpipes with fiddle, keyboards, guitar and voice.

Founded by a group of friends in 1969 and named after the Battlefield section of Glasgow, Battlefield Band now perform throughout the world, playing to audiences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, as well as more than 60 cities annually in the United States. Their music is played regularly on National Public Radios Thistle and Shamrock program, and they are frequent guests on

Minnesota Public Radios A Prairie Home Companion.

Line-up changes during these thirty-four years have seen individuals going on to play in other bands and the new members bringing with them new ideas, attitudes and influences, leading to continued creativity, freshness and enthusiasm. The current line-up features one original member, and three players who were not even born when Battlefield Band began! Two members are native Scotsmen, one is an American who makes his home in Scotland, and one is an Irishman.

This is the band that others measure themselves against. After 30 years they

still lead the way for Scottish music - all the time introducing new musicians,

new music; always involving their ever widening audience, as they travel the

world. As one recent reviewer said:

"The Battlefield Band is turning into a national

treasure, and exemplifies the ongoing nature of

Scottish musical tradition. Not seen them yet?

Shame on you".

Kaye McAlpine, Edinburgh Evening News

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