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Park Records & Resilient Records
Kathryn Tickell is a Northumbrian piper, fiddler and composer. She works solo, in the Kathryn Tickell Band, and also performs as a duo with Scottish harp player and singer Corrina Hewat.

For more info or to buy CDs please visit www.kathryntickell.com

As far as the tracks/downloads go.be aware that 'techno ate the musicians' is the bonus track from the 'strange but true' CD.don't be scared.the rest of the album isn't like that!

It's a look at some of the many collaborations Kathryn has been involved with over the years, most of which were never recorded, and which many people are unaware of. There are collaborations with Catriona Macdonald, the Brazz Brothers, Andy Sheppard, Karen Tweed, Folkestra, Katie Doherty, The Demagogue Reacts! Pipelines and Corrina Hewat.I suppose the whole album is a celebration of friendship and tunes! - - -

DISCOGRAPHY - On Kielderside(1984) - Borderlands(1986) - Common Ground(1988) - The Kathryn Tickell Band(1991) - Signs(1993) - The Gathering(1997) - The Northumberland Collection(1998) - Debateable Lands(1999) - Ensemble Mystical(2000) -Music for a New Crossing(2001 - limited edition CD with Andy Sheppard) - Back to the Hills(2002) - Air Dancing(2004) - The Sky Didn't Fall(2006 - with Corrina Hewat) - Strange but True(2006). Instrumental(2007) - - -

Kathryn has also appeared on CDs by (among others): The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Linda Thompson, 3 Sting CDs, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Jimmy Nail, Alan Parsons and June Tabor.
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