Surreal - Pardon My Dust (Full Album) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 25, 2013
"What was given was free, not meant to be sold" -Surreal
1: Intro [0:00]
2: Mama Don't Cry [1:56]
3: God Speed [6:06]
4: Surface (Featuring Dillon Maurer) [10:02]
5: Downtown Trodden [12:40]
6: Time Is Of The Essence (Featuring Izrael Bell) [17:00]
7: Stay the Same [18:49]
8: First Chapter [22:07]
9: Rainy Eve (Featuring Will Widdoss) [26:13]
10: Recipe [30:26]
11: Pops Lullaby (Featuring Gene Giles) [34:34]
12: Mama Don't Cry (Five Quartz Remix) [39:26]
13: Far Away (Featuring Othello & Jacewon) [43:05]
14: The Pursuit (Featuring Supastition & Brotha Soul) [46:18]

*Producer -- Arshitect (tracks: 2), Batsauce (tracks: 4), Dave Def (tracks: 13), Dela (tracks: 7 & 14), NeMo (tracks: 5), Rekone (tracks: 3 & 6), Surreal (tracks: 1, 9, 10 & 11), Symbolyc One (tracks: 8)

*Label: Subcontact (Japan) (2008)

*Surreal is Jeremy Ian Thomas from Tampa, Florida, he has done a lot of work with the Sound Providers and released an album with them titled, "True Indeed". He also released an album with DJ Balance titled, "Future Classic" and another with Braille, Ohmega Watts, & DJ Idull titled, "Four Days In Geneva"

Words from Surreal - "A few months later I met a couple of cats at my job that were always in my ear about Jesus and I wasn't trying to hear it I knew plenty about the subject. Jesus was a good man, but the Bible was a book of rules meant to control the masses. After weeks of persistence from my co-workers I agreed to watch a movie about his life called "Jesus of Nazareth". They brought the movie in the following Tuesday and I planned on watching it later that evening. About three in the afternoon I got a call from my friend Terrence asking if I wanted to go to a show about an hour out of town with our mutual friend Rekone I agreed to go as long as Rek was driving. Once my shift ended I was exhausted and remembered I was supposed to watch this film tonight and I desperately wanted to debate these fools at my work about it so I called my friends and canceled. I put the movie in and passed out within an hour. The following day I got a call from one of my friends saying there had been an accident T. and Rek got in a crash on the way home from the show Rek was gone and T. was lucky to be alive. Needless to say this was a turning point, it reminded me how fragile life is, and today was the first day of the rest of my life so time was of the essence. I was supposed to be in that car--I could have died. You can call it coincidence, I call it divine intervention. My life was spared because God had a purpose for it and I could no longer ignore his call. Shortly after I began reading a Bible my co-worker gave me and it all started to make sense. I gave my Life to Christ at the end of March 2004 and began my walk. I'm not ashamed of who I was because it makes me who I've become even more of a triumph. To anyone reading this right now that's seeking the truth pick up a Bible and pray for God to reveal himself to you and he will...he's been waiting for you. God Bless and Godspeed. -Surreal

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