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PUBLISHED:  Oct 30, 2011
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"Making Wander" (making of video):

Spot "Wander" uvršten je u popis najboljih spotova u 2011. godini (


Directed by: Filip Filkovic Philatz
Producer: Nives Zemba
Produced by: Kaskader Produkcija / More Magnets Group
Camera by: Ivan "Slipke" Slipcevic & Filip Filkovic Philatz
D.O.P.: Ivan "Slipke" Slipcevic & Filip Filkovic Philatz


Diyala "WANDER" -- Lyrics:

If wandering was a gun
I'd shoot to kill
Run run
I'm pumped up
Drum ass pill
Feeling hollow
Killa in my bloodstream

Sport extreme
Easy on the eye
See me from the inside --out!
Deal is..small amounts
Luck -shield
Wander -you a character !!!!!

Oh my God
Trip love
Side effects
I'm kitchen
Shy I cook
Look -Everyone's picking
Know me disappearing
Without kicking

I lost my sense of speed
The treatment is
Prison camp
Security cams
Huge lamps
No walking away from here

Tinted glass
Task is not to walk on grass
Here I am
Out there time is frame-les
We are -breaking hell !!!!
I'm someone else
When I wonder around
I get so hi

Ya dealing with a heart tearing all ya stuff
See ya Dealing with a mind tearing all this stuff
From the inside out !
See ya dealing with all this stuff
See ya
Stroll for hours
The mind empowered
With all this thoughts



Make-up: Tina Lasic Andrejevic
Doppelgängers: Mirko Moguljak and Marko Moguljak
Dogs: Dot & Borg
Script/edit/post/sound/design/scene: Filip Filkovic Philatz
Location manager: Ivan Sokac
Additional music EGOLESS
Fashion stylist: Diyala
Hair stylist: Sinjori Art of Hair
Production assistants: Filip Borelli, Sven Cucek, Latica Martinis and Ivan Filkovic
Scenographer: Filip Filkovic Philatz
Scenography assistant: Filip Borelli
Technical assistance: Branka Udovicic-Martinis, Matea Domitran
Dog trainer: Marinko Krklec
Song, lyrics and song performance: Diyala
Song producer: EGOLESS


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