Bonus Maxamus

la la land, California, ZW
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Electronica / Rap
Drop Forge Enterprises
Hot Spit by Bonus Maxamus of the Lazy MCs

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Like a great bolt of Lightning thrown viciously from

Thor’s Mighty Arm, Bonus Maxamus’ rhymes shock the

headpiece! His Uber relevant tongue-lashings are

dealt out with pit boss precision and Hand Car Wash

Shine. Un-formulaic creative

endeavors include Short Films, Beat production, Audio

engineering, and Acerbic Art Development. Bonus

Maxamus has worked with MCs from both coasts.

Recently, he has been working on a group project with

Nige Navigator, a band called The Lazy Mc’s. His

gritty gumshoe banter clues us into a point of view

never experienced in this genre that is Underground

Hip Hop. Bonus, like a four foot bong rip or a bottle

of cheap tequila, he delivers sharp stabs to your sternum, while simultaneously

relieving you of your pious duties!!! This kind of

duality shows promise of the progression of Hip Hop

fodder into a pseudo unusual realm leaving you with the feeling to unleash your inner beast. Let your mind

dance on the funky dark beats. watch the interesting

pictures that his imaginative lyrics finagle into your

eyes. This is not a meal for the faint of heart to

devour. This Bonus Maxamus buffet is full of

surprising girth and delicious Pate flavor. Its that

mental meat that vegetarians and Carnivores can

equally enjoy. Grab an empty plate, loosen the belt a

notch, and prepare for a Bonus Dish of

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