Reverse Engineering feat Diyala - Heart Juice (Official video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 09, 2012
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Scientist "Victor Castagnè" forcefully travels back in time to find out more about the past by collecting various valuable specimens. He finds a way to stop being tracked through time by other scientists from the future and decides to stay in the present past. That way, he can live free for a limited time from the slavery of the future. During his stay in the past, we see Diyala apparently locked in the time loop in the same place Victor is looking for during his exploration.

This feature is inspired by Chris Marker's "La Jette".


Directed by Filip Filkovic Philatz
Art direction by Zdenko Basic


Made in 2012 ─ More-Magnets production.


Song mix and mastering by Raul Peica
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