Los Straitjackets Live at Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geekfest 1.26.13 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 31, 2013
Video of Los Straitjackets at the final Guitar Geekfest in 2013. Danny "Daddy-O Grande" Amis was back performing with them and LSJ were in fine form, playing many songs from their latest release, Jet Set.

1. Crime Scene (00:00)
2. Aerostar (02:50)
3. Wrong Way Inn (05:31)
4. Calhoun Surf (08:18)
5. Space Mosquito (10:21)
6. Pacifica (12:48)
7. Jet Set (15:55)
8. Itchy Chicken (18:41)
9. New Siberia (23:27)
10.The Goo Goo Muck (26:56)
11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (29:46)
12. The Theme From "The Munsters" (32:11)
13. I Feel Fine (34:36)
14. Tailspin (37:40)
15. Band Introductions (40:08)
16. Theme from "Midnight Cowboy" (44:29)
17. Sing, Sing, Sing (47:33)

The video was shot with a very modest camera (not even a video cam) and without a tripod, so the quality reflects that. But, the energy of the show is there and the audio is relatively good considering the equipment.

I do not own any copyrights to this material or to the video of the performance. This is offered for criticism, scholarship, news reporting, and research purposes. All rights are owned by, and reserved to, the performers and songwriters.

Read a performance review on the Gretsch Pages at: http://gretschpages.com/forum/players/masked-men-seize-hotel-ballroom-yet-take-no-hostages/59528/page1/
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