Fishman Fluence Modern Ceramic Comparison (First Gen to Rev 3.5) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 14, 2017
So when the Fishman Fluence came out it made many a jaw drop.
And I loved it too.
my only "problem" with it was that I wished it would sound a tiny bit more "controlled", a little bit less output, a bit clearer wiht a little bit less "over the top" high end.
So I ended up preferring the Alnico in the bridge for a while...
Until the kind people at fishman sent me the new revision of the Modern Ceramic, which fixed all those issues I had previously had.
It's subtle, but you'll hear a thicker low end, more defined gain structure and a bit less high mid boost in the latest revision.
Check it out (you might wanna jump back and forth to similar riffs/sections of the clips to hear the difference)
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