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Y2KX was formed in early 2006 by Tim Lydon and Tony Oliver. Joined by friends Rance Tatroe, Ian Whiters, Jake Bryan, and occasionally Kyle Hoke, they came together for two purposes: to have fun, and to play the awesomest guitar-driven video game covers that they can. Almost immediately they were featured in Nintendo Power Magazine (June, 2006.You can see the article here). Their debut album "We Are Error," a compilation of 13 tracks from games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in August 2008 to great reviews by the video game community and fans of metal alike. If you like us, add us! If you don't like us, add us anyways and tell us to f@*! off.

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Reviews for We Are Error:

This CD is fucking balls to the wall, for real. It's so great to see this album in the works for so long and to be able to finally see it come together the way it has. I think you guys are all gonna be goatse'd when you hear it. - Shawn Phase

I've been listening to this and Entertainment System 64 for 2 days straight now. I can contest that I have to make an appointment with a genital surgeon because this rocked my balls off. - 8-Bit Artist

Just got my copy in the mail today and I must say this shit is fucking off the wall. You definitely exceeded my expectations and then some. Good job guys! - Ryan from Call Paula

These guys are one of the best video game bands of ALL TIME! - Luigiman99

I've been waiting around a year for this CD. It is as amazing as they said it was going to be, CHECK IT OUT. I'm glad they've got Journey to Silius on there too! - foolio

I heard these guys after looking up some music on myspace. Their very first track (Mega Man 3) blew me away. I instantly ordered the CD and got it within about three days. Let me tell you. the other tracks are equally as fast paced and great just as the Mega Man 3 one. If you love video game music and/or rock, pick up this CD now! - Douglas Jansen

I own both [the CD and t-shirt], and thus can say, with the utmost conviction, that you need them as well. The album itself is a collection of 8-bit NES classics re-imagined as blistering, aggressive, yet still imminently accessible metal movements, and the shirt simply let’s passersby know that you too understand that beneath the cheerful exterior of the theme music from Ducktales’ Moon Level beats a twisted heart of broken glass, barbed wire, and gore-stained guitar strings. - Z from

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