The Megas

LOS ANGELES, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Indie / Experimental
Dr. Light Records
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Since the year 200X (4), The Megas have strived to bring a message from Dr. Light to the people. They have chosen to transmit that message, the tale of a small blue robot named Megaman, directly into the eardrums of the general populace through the power of rock.

Composed of four mere humans with no known robot powers, The Megas previously used their face melting abilities in other rock projects including the popular punk act Agent 51, who signed with BIllie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records and enjoyed some tour success before disbanding. However, it was not until they rallied behind Megaman that they found a true purpose for their rock: the righteous cause of justice.

The Megas’ quest is just beginning - thus far they have unleashed the rock assault in their hometown of Los Angeles and throughout California. They’ve done two tours of the Northeastern US and have played at numerous gaming conventions and events, including the popular video game music orchestral tour Video Games Live, MAGfest, and the mother of all conventions, the San Diego Comic Con. With trips to Florida and the Northeast already on the books for the summer of 2009, The Megas hope to continue touring the rest of the country, the continent, and ultimately the origin of Megaman himself: Japan.

Their long awaited debut album, Get Equipped, was released in January of 2008.

Here's what people are saying:

This really is pretty much THE Megaman 2 concept album. - Dan from Armcannon

Good lord, I love it. I seriously can't critique anything. It's just It's amazing. - Fish

I LOVE your new songs, as well as the old ones. Goddamn, you guys kick so much ass. - Kaizoku

You guys are fantastic, no one seems to be able to nail the solo in airman but you guys hit it. - bART

Just bought your CD and damn near had a break down just from the first listening. Your music almost makes me want to believe in God. Almost. - Colin

This album leaves a fresh taste in my mouth and makes me want to pick up my NES controller. - Nick

*face melts*

*melted smiley face* - Aaron

f**kin' finally. - Leo from Push Start

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If you prefer to purchase a digital copy of the album only, use the link below.

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