The Rolling Stones - Torn and Frayed - Al Perkins pedal steel guitar solo - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 26, 2015
I got tired of learning licks from pedal steel tuition books so I decided learning licks from actual records would be far more useful, more fun to do, you can play what you like and you can better remember the licks. The song Torn and Frayed on the Exile to Main Street album has a very tasty pedal steel solo. The solo isn't particularly hard to play. This is my best interpretation of it as I hear it from the record. Al Perkins, who laid down the pedal steel part, may have used different positions from mine. I understand the Stones play this number sometimes now in their shows so I suppose Ronnie Wood could easily play the pedal steel part as on the record. But, then again, I guess he can choose to do what he likes.


Great care and effort has been expended on trying to ensure that the steel part is accurate. However there is always a risk that what I am demonstrating could be wrong in terms of note, in terms of position of the steel bar, in terms of which strings are plucked. I could have been suffering from slight deafness on the day of recording or I was feeling off because the wife was nagging me again. This video represents the best that I could do after researching the original recording and any available footage. Unless I was standing right next to the player and videotaping the performance, there’s no way I can accurately say for certain that what I play is perfectly accurate to what the original player did. Do not assume my demonstration as the final word, cast in stone-like. I could be wrong. Nobody is perfect, least of all me. Viewers should exercise caution when watching the video and they would be well advised to check for themselves against the original recording and any associated footage. I may be playing it wrong but you may be playing it right. Isn’t this fun, learning things together?
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