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With legendary Tellè Records gradually slowing down their operation, in 2004 DATAROCK eventually found ourselves without any label to release our recordings. Our ethos had always been DIY anyways, so we simply sat up our very own label. Thus Young Aspiring Professionals was born//////////With the help of independent distribution company, VME, the first YAP release came out first quarter of 2005 - "Computer Camp Love" EP, and soon after our first album "DATAROCK DATAROCK" came out on our very own imprint!//////////Apart from releasing ourselves, we envisioned helping out other bands that somehow shared common grounds with DATAROCK. The first signing was the Bergen based punk rock / new wave trio called QUASIMOJO - a trio combining the raw energy of punk rock with the more intricate elements of bands such as DEVO, Talking Heads and B52's//////////Soon after signing QUASIMOJO, we also started working with instrumental hard rock pioneers, NOXAGT. DATAROCK's EP and debut album, QUASIMOJO's debut EP 'GETTIN'UP'N'GOIN'OVA' and NOXAGT's self titled third album all recieved critical acclaim, but just as YAP was shaping up, DATAROCK's international touring schedule took us out on the road for two solid years. To be honest, we almost forgot the whole label//////////Eventually the seven piece punk/noise/impro collective SYNTAX TERRORKESTER redirected our attention, and in 2008 their album 'FAMILIEN MIN FORSTÅR INGENTING AV DET' was internationally released, even to Brian Eno's liking - Eno actually sent a text message to the owner of The Luminaire (whom hosted their release party) saying "Love their sound. When are they next in London//////////Starting in October the same year we've been releasing a series of singles featuring new artists based in Bergen, Norway. All the A-sides are co-produced by DATAROCK, whereas the B-sides are dedicated to home recordings, live takes and remixes//////////In 2011 the a-sides are gonna be compiled for international release (CD/12"/ digital download) as "DATAROCK's PATRIOT ACT", but keep your eyes and ears open for those seven inches of pure pleasure. You'll wanna smell 'em while they're fresh out of the oven//////////In the middle of this insanity, the 27th of April 2009 we even got to release stallar Swedis sensation Karin Park's outstanding album "ASHES TO GOLD" domestically to great critical acclaim. The album is produced by DATAROCK's Fredrik Saroea, and it was recorded at Wendyhouse in London (just like DATAROCK second comming "RED"). Her album features appearances by artists such as Alex Carapetis (Nine Inch Nails, Kelis), Ralph Myerz (Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band), Kristian Stockhaus (Ungdomskulen) and Fredrik Saroea (DATAROCK). This album is insane!//////////And on top of that, DATAROCK's "RED" was finally realeased June the 8th 2009, including singles such as "Give It Up", "True Stories", "The Pretender" and the upcoming "Amarillion". But that's a story too long to go into.//////////The 14th of September we co-released the outstanding new star of the Norwegian scene - John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen. The album was recorded and mixed at YAP's second home, Duper studios in Bergen, and it's produced by Yngve Sætre and Fredrik Saroea - long time collaborators on DATAROCK and various artists. The album titled "For Sant Til Å Være Godt" has already been critically acclaimed, receiving two "Norwegian Grammy" nominations and top score in a number of the major Norwegian publications.//////////New releases are Syntax TerrOrkester's outstanding second coming "Land Her O!" and BAERTUR's outstanding debut "BAERTUR 1".//////////Upcoming releases are DATAROCK's new single "Amarillion" & collectors item, DATAROCK - LIMITED EDITION (5 albums & a DVD), we're releasing the debut album of the three headed monster Sound Of Sotra, we're releasing a debuting solo artists called No States, we recently released the teaser "Kids" by debuting duo Denga Denga whom are to record and release their debut this fall, and the list goes on.//////////For the time being, please don't send any demos. All these artists are very close friends of us, and right now we'll need to keep it that way. Eventually we'll expand, but for now we'll have to focus on the already signed artists and can't pick up additional acts in a long, long time.
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