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Classic Rock / Metal / Trance
Load Records
Dangerous dirge blasts out of the tail pipe of Norway's ghost rider band Noxagt's third and self titled record. Gone is Nils Erga's viola that led the chariot races on the last two Noxagt records on Load, replaced by Anders Hana (of Ultralyd and Moha!) on spring loaded guitar. Where as the past two records flung tarballs at the idea of hard rock in the 21st century, this third record crawls from the ooze with a determined and wiry intent to bring you to your knees with stark riff power and bludgeoning rhythmic density.
This is Noxagt's strangest turn from instrumental sludge helmeted Vikings to staple jointed snake running dunt rock doctors. Fans of past records will find a lot to wrap their brows around with this record, and new fans will take note of the wiry riffs emitting from this Norse carriage.
Past titles have picked up fans in many of the musik camps of the 21st century world village including: jean jacketed metal hordes, ripped sweater wearing art fucks, and regular bricklayers like you. Be one of the many, be one of the proud, but do not miss this bus. (Load Records)

Noxagt CD/LP (Load Records, 2006)Noxagt CD (Young Aspiring Professionals, 2006)Noxagt/Ultralyd split LP (Textile Records, 2006)The Iron Point CD/LP (Load Records, 2004)Turning It Down Since 2001 CD/LP (Load Records, 2003)Turning It Down Since 2001 CD (Safe As Milk, 2003)KFJC 7"EP (Norway Rat, 2002) Noxagt/Hellfire 7"EP (Nor Wave, 2002) Tears in the Makeup (Noxagt remix) on The Chairs: Tears in the Makeup 7"/CD-EP (Kippers, 2003)

Compilation appearancesDrid Machine on Hits Omnibus 2CD (Wantage USA, 2004)Regions Of May on For the Dead in Space Vol. II & III 2CD (Secret Eye, 2003)Cockburn (Reh. 02) on The Noise Is Only In Your Head CD (Gold Soundz, 2003)Ondskapens Blomster on Safe As Milk Festival sampler CD (Safe As Milk, 2003)Det Er Typisk Norsk Aa Vaere Best [Mek It Burn] on Fjord Focus CD (The Wire, 2002)Powerchild on The Wire Tapper 7 CD (The Wire, 2002)
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