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Four friends formed DATAROCK on a rainy afternoon drinking beer under a tree on top of a mountain in Bergen, Norway. It was the first summer of a brand new millennium, and the boys were getting into the groove at an outdoor festival of electronic music. Inspired by the heat of the moment, the boys made a life changing decision and came rolling down the mountainside with a tablet of stone engraved with a single word - DATAROCK.//////////The brand new band was signed straight away by the local indie label, Tellet / Telle Records, pairing our drunk friends with a roster of acts such as Royksopp, Kings Of Convenience and Annie. And so the boys went out on an endless run of shows in underground clubs and festivals across Europe - the perfect breeding ground for alternative dance music, fostering DATAROCK's mix of indie dance, new wave, pop, rock, punk & funk. As the band so modestly put it - "we are the peak of pop evolution".//////////Four years later DATAROCK formed their own imprint, YAP Records, internationally distributed by VME - infamous for black metal bands such as Burzum. And so, in 2005 DATAROCK unveiled their debut album "DATAROCK DATAROCK" featuring tracks such as "Computer Camp Love" & "FA FA FA" – sending DATAROCK out on a four year global tour.//////////So far DATAROCK's done more than 700 shows in 33 countries (on 4 continents). They've toured America alone 17 times, playing more than 100 clubs and festivals such as Coachella (CA), CMJ (NYC), WMC (Miami), SXSW '07 & SXSW '09 (Austin), Download (San Francisco), Detour (LA), Virgin (Toronto), Montral Jazz Festival (Montreal), MX Beat (Mexico City), Planet Terra (Sao Paolo, Brasil) and Personal Fest (Buenos Aires, Argentina). The North American tours include a 42 cities run the summer of 2008, and a 26 cities craze for the release of DATAROCK's second album, "RED", September '09.//////////Thanks to the acclaim of their albums DATAROCK's been fortunate enough to establish a worldwide profile, including impenetrable markets like the US, where DATAROCK has appeared on a number of national mass media phenomena such as NCB's Chuck, MTV's Jersey Shore, AOL's Spinner, Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba, ABC News and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live (where DATAROCK's second appearance was at the outdoor stage at the very release date of their second album).//////////DATAROCK's international booking is handled by The Agency Group in LA, and the band is signed exclusively to US publishing company Artwerk - a joint venture between Nettwerk One Music and gaming giant EA (Electronic Arts). This alliance has led to getting tracks featured in an unprecedented number of major video games such as Fifa '08, Fifa '09, Fifa '10, Fifa Street, Sims 2, Sims 3, Need For Speed, Madden NFL and the iPad hit Tap Tap Radiation. In total 22 of the highest grossing games on the planet features tracks by DATAROCK - reaching out to a credible estimate of 250 million gamers minimum.//////////DATAROCK's tracks have further on been featured in campaigns for brands such as Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung, FOX and RadioShack. In addition, their tracks are featured in a vast number of ads, TV series and films across the world - including commissioned work for Disney.//////////Since 2007 DATAROCK's career has been very much focused on North America. Simultaneously DATAROCK's been touring the rest of the world both prior and parallel, playing hundreds of clubs and festivals all across the planet: Summer Sonic in Tokyo & Osaka in Japan, Java Rockin'Land in Indonesia, Good Vibrations, Falls, Field Day, Southbound, Sunset Sounds, Come Together, Future Music and Meridith Music Festival in Australia, Sonar and Benicassim in Spain, ArezzoWave in Italy, Sudoeste in Portugal, Stereoleto in Russia, Be2gether in Lithuania, Pohoda in Slovakia, Les Ardentes in Belgium, Transmusicales and Microcosm in France, Eurosonic and Metropolis in Netherlands, Berlin Festival, Pop Kom, Hurricane and South Side in Germany, Koneisto in Finland, Airwaves at Island, Arvika and Hultsfred in Sweden, Roskilde '05 and '07 in Danmark, Reading, Leads, O2 Wireless, Camden Crawl, The Great Escape, Loop, Latitude, Lovebox, Dot To Dot, Orange Evolution, Eurocultured, In The City and Oxygen in the UK, and numerous festivals in Norway such as Oya, Quart, BergenFest, NattJazz, Lost Weekend, 47, EKKO, NuMusic, Midnattsrocken, Bygdalarm, Utkant, Pereferi, Storaas, Pstereo, UKA, Stavernfestivalen, Maanefestivalen, Malakoff, Oslo Live, Ekstremsportveko, BaleJazz, MaiJazz, RaumaRock and by:Larm.//////////DATAROCK's albums are both critically acclaim across the world, and even their debut album was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. The album came in at 36 on NME's list of "best albums of 2006", and the same year (out of 660.000 registered votes) "Computer Camp Love" came in at number 12 on Australia's national radio's list of listeners favorite tracks - Triple J's Hottest 100. For the US re-release in 2007, Spin Magazine listed the track "See What I Care" as an "essential download of the summer", and "Computer Camp Love" came in at 88 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the best tracks of the year.//////////DATAROCK's second album "RED" was also nominate for a Norwegian Grammy, it was "critics choice of the week" in New York Times, the singles ended up on heavy rotation on Norwegian national radio for seven months solid (NRK P3), and stateside MTV even headhunted and put the video for "True Stories" on rotation at MTV U - bizarrely as this single never was commercially released outside of Norway.//////////DATAROCK is now pretty much a global name. A few indications of their worldwide fan base are the number of listenings on DATAROCK's MySpace profile (3.200.000), the number of views on DATAROCK's YouTube clips, the number of fans on on DATAROCK's Facebook profile (30.000), the number of followers on DATAROCK's Twitter account, the number of plays (4.300.000) & listeners (310.000) on, the way DATAROCK is able to tour globally, and the nature of their world wide distribution. Despite this fact the band is still very much DIY - exclusively signed to their own imprint and pretty much handling everything themselves.//////////DATAROCK's first albums were licensed to Nettwerk Records & Ministry Of Sound. With this years release of the ''Catcher in the Rye" & "California" EPs however DATAROCK is breaking new ground by teaming up with San Francisco based designer toy pioneer company, SUPER7. One of the formats "California" is available on is now something as bizarre as a vinyl designer toy created by legend, Brian Flynn, and the release in fact feature 113 tracks, 23 music videos, 1500 photos & an hour long live show jam packed on a 4 GB USB drive inside of the toy (
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