D.G. - WestCoast - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 03, 2012

Thug ass beat but I've never been a Badass/ neds declassified trying to fuck Susie crabgrass/ever since I seen the fat ass up in math class/ bitch fucked with me failed finals never did pass/ middle finger to the haters fuck the prejudice / cut the bullshit cuz the bitches know I'm repping this/ iron man spiderman suck a dick nemisis/ lex Luger kryptonite whos the fuck friend is this/ never gonna answer ugly bitches text/

not socialable fuck your Facebook request/ slapping orange chicken at the chinese express/and I only want dimes nothing more nothing less/ dont tell what I can and I can't fuckin be/ throw some acid at your teeth fucked up acne/ pissed off teen named fuckin dirty randy/ I dont give a fuck cuz all i want is candy

I just wanna golf hump shit like happy gillmore/ billy Madison fuck you bitch I'll will still score/ cuz your girl made me cupcakes her mouth is still sore/ cuz she gave me brain on the muthafuckin 5th floor/I'm never gonna stop for nothin/ matter fact give me something/ toasting poptarts lunchables in the oven/you cant stop me volcanoe is eruptin/ otherwise this other shit Knife I be cuttin/ my hands deep fried it must of been the burner/so give me 2 good burgers call me Timmy turner/ this is not flight school I'm a fast learner/ so do not critize the mumbles and the murmurs/ rolling right through red tie pee wee hermin/and im bumping Eric wright ice cube and Eric sermon/ 5-0 right behind shit I be swerving/ I'm trying to get to Dennys and I wonder what there servin/
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