White0pz - Go Steady - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 08, 2016

Produced By: Ear 2 Tha Beat & White0pz

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y9eg3nra3k7tj81/White0pz+-+Go+Steady.mp3

Lately I've been thinking bout my youth
Man I'm still young though
So what the fuck does it mean when I'm feeling like I'm old
But I'm not even 24
I guess never understand
I'll be 50 if I blink too fast
So I keep my eyes wide open
Keep my grip on this pen
Only thing that keep me sane on this earth
Write shit until my graves in the dirt
I won't be the first or the last
Didn't wanna waste no time in a class
But all those choices that I made back then
Are coming back quick and bitin' me in the ass
I got a grudge on my shoulder
I just wanna keep moving forward
I'm walking with a couple cement blocks
I'm runnin' like I'm lost on my own block
and the more I try and talk about it
The more problems I got

And I been rollin' up and down my street
I'm just lookin' for my purpose
But every time I go and search for it
I only find that this life it ain't so perfect
I just wanna live forever homie
Do you really bro? I don't know
I can't die yet though, I'm not ready
Keep on the grind yo, go steady (go steady)

This weed, got me
Thinking, crazy, oh man I know I am
I'm on that shit, that you can't handle
Call me Superman
These bitches, won't listen
So I hit em with a couple tapes and subliminal disses
I'm playing chicken with em, my momentum is only getting bigger
And if it isn't I'll be trending on twitter for saying --
Maybe I will, maybe I won't
I might just go home and offend thousands of folks
Just to get my music in the iPods of some people I don't know
That'd be pretty dope, man, I can only hope
I wouldn't deal with the repercussions
The drama that they come up with
Is something they invented
Just to get you invested
In other words it doesn't mean nothing
So don't give it any attention
But I'm livin' with tension
Did I mention?

I been rollin' up and down my street
I'm just lookin' for my purpose
But every time I think I might have found it man
I only find that this life ain't so perfect
Life is too short to lose on these losers
The try hards, these lame charts that drain us
I got the crew out at timmies, timbits and a coffee
Who wants to be famous?

Gotta be careful how I word this
But you fucking vermin are pushing me to murder
I'm comin', yeah you know I mean business
The third verse the sign
I only have these written when I gotta leave a message
Now whatchu got, whatchu got, say again
Shout out to Deezy, Jesse, Matty Tip
Double R, Lawless, any homies at the crib
Come chill up in the box, we just copped some dank shit
Get you ripped after a hit
We ain't gunna slow down
We say ripped we mean R.I.P
Feed me any beat and I'm probably gunna spit
Careful with this heat, my verse is full of verbal clips (clips)
Motherfucker I be on this every single day of the week
I'll smack you with these bars, knock you out the park, 'til you're weak in the knees
You'll never be on the same level as me, bitch please
Remember the initials KT-

-Now hands up if you crazy like us
We been goin all night
Been drinkin' 151
We been rollin' and chillin'
And we been smokin' them blunts
Vancouver mobbin' whats up
I'm so caught up in these drugs
I can't believe it, my damn legs, they failed me
I can't stand, I think I'm almost home, but fat chance, I can't leave
These weed bags and tight jeans, this loose leaf
Just a couple things to describe me
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