Tia Fuller

ORANGE, New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / R&B / Acoustic
Mack Avenue Records
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TIA'S Solo. Me, Myself and I, The Beyonce Experience

There is a moment where music becomes meditation, and every sound, a healing balm. It is the place where grace and love combine and Tia Fuller begins to play.

Whether on the band stand or in the lecture hall, Tia captures the essence of music. Born into the Musical family, “Fuller Sound”, Tia has inherited the ability to speak through notes in a way that touches the soul. Someone once said, “We are not musicians for the sake of ourselves, we are spokesmen for humanity”, in that same manner, Tia makes it her mission to translate emotion into sound. Ensuring that even in those moments where words can not articulate, feeling has a voice.

As an instructor:

She passes on this intuition to the next generation. Instilling in the hearts of her students a love for the music, changing the way they see notes from simply sound to emotion and then translating it back again. She encourages the gift rather than the just talent of music. It is important that they connect with what they can create, not just what they can play. So then, teaching becomes nourishment for the soul rather than just instruction. This devotion to the essence of music can be seen from the variety work she has done in the educational fields. From her work as the director of Jazz Museum in Harlem: Harmony Ensemble, to conducting clinics, residencies, lectures and master classes at the IAJE Conference, Stanford Jazz Workshop, Duquesne University, Kansas State University and University of Colorado at Boulder Jazz Camp. Tia constantly searches for ways to pass on the passion.

As a musician:

The essence of a musician rests their ability to make even silence beautiful.

Tia Fuller puts life on display with her music. The silent moments of change, transition and pain are turned into soul stirring pieces of magic.

In her sound, Tia offers an encyclopedia of emotion:

•Pillar of Strength carries the excitement of new beginnings, transitions of life and love. It is wrapped so neatly in the setting of foundation, “an exhilarating work that introduces her as a leader who strives for perfection.” (Terrell Holmes, All about Jazz Magazine)

•Healing Space offers a moment of refuge for the places in between success and growth, the doubts, the wounded places, the lost loves and broken hearts.

The mixing and intertwining of each of these albums offer the listener a complete view of the soul.
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