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Strick Muzik
I started The Project at the beginning of 2005, when I got a call from The Jazz Gallery in New York City. Word spread that I had been writing a lot of music and thinking about starting my own band. This debut was exactly the chance I needed to bring my ideas to life.

Its an octet (sometimes a septet/sextet depending on venue/circumstances), comprising of 2 vocalists, 2 saxophones, piano/guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. I wanted it to be shaped much like the hourglass shape of a djembe (african drum designed to look like a woman) heavy on top, thin in the middle, and heavy on the bottom. There are many voices on the top that interweave, its heavily percussive on the bottom, and a standard rhythm section in the middle.

Some composers who have influenced my writing are Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, and Steve Coleman. However, my music and lyrics have proven to be very personalized. Its jazz music with a variety of textures and grooves. The entire octet isnt always on the stage. There are some instrumentals, and some ballads that feature one vocalist.

My goal is to create a feel-good experience with all of our performances. People have often told me that the group's vibe is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. If we do our job, everybody in the room (us included) should feel uplifted. Come and join us in a celebration of music, humanity, and life!!

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